Training of researchers

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Training of researchers


Education in transdisciplinarity: the training of researchers

Amaral MTCG

The present paper discusses the notions of inter, multi and transdisciplinarity in the context of
present day scientific practice, with a brief summary of the historical roots of the current
scenario. As a case-study, it is analyzed the situation of research on HDs, as an emergent
multidisciplinary field aiming at transdisciplinarity. An illustration is presented, from the
experience of the constitution of a multidisciplinary team related to basic research in HDs. The
author highlights the specific skills and modalities of participation of both the intervening
specialists and the ‘generalist’ or manager of knowledge. Suggestions are offered on how to
expand this model.

Keywords: Multidisciplinarity; Transdisciplinarity; Research on High Dilutions; Homeopathy