Diluted arnica and in vitro calves

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Diluted arnica and in vitro calves


Impact of ethanol and heat stress–dependent effect of ultra-diluted Arnica montana 6 cH on in vitro embryo production in cattle

M.A.S. Novaes, L.F. Lima, N.A.R. S, A.C.A. Ferreira, V.M. Paes, J.F. Souza, B.G. Alves, N.V. Gramosa, C.A.A. Torres, B. Pukazhenthi, E.L. Gastal, J.R. Figueiredo


This study evaluated the effect of adding ultra-diluted and dynamized Arnica montana 6 cH, and its vehicle (0.3% ethanol) to the in vitro maturation (IVM) medium, in the absence (experiment 1) or presence (experiment 2) of heat stress (HS), on bovine oocyte maturation and in vitro embryo production (IVEP). In experiment 1 (n = 902 cumulus oocyte complexes, COCs), the treatments were 1) IVM medium (Control treatment), 2) IVM medium + 0.3% ethanol, and 3) IVM medium + Arnica montana 6 cH. In experiment 2 (n = 1064 COCs), the treatments were 1) IVM medium without HS, 2) IVM medium under HS, 3) IVM medium + ethanol under HS, and 4) IVM medium + Arnica montana under HS. In the absence of HS (experiment 1), the addition of Arnica montana to the IVM medium had a deleterious effect on the IVEP (cleavage and blastocyst rates) and the total cell number/blastocysts. On the other hand, ethanol (0.3%) increased IVEP in relation to the Control and Arnica montana treatments. However, in the presence of HS during IVM (experiment 2), the addition of ethanol or Arnica montana increased IVEP when compared to the HS treatment alone, and the Arnica montana treatment resulted in greater total cell number/blastocysts compared to the other treatments. In conclusion, this study showed for the first time that the negative or positive effect of Arnica montana 6 cH on IVEP depends on the culture condition (i.e., absence or presence of HS during IVM). On the other hand, ethanol showed beneficial and consistent results on IVEP regardless of exposure to HS.