Research in Homeopathy 3

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Research in Homeopathy 3


A bibliography of homeopathic studies

Robert Medhurst BNat ND DHom

At the time of writing this, here in Australia the Federal Government’s peak advisory body on healthcare,
the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), has just completed a study into the
research that’s been done on homeopathy. Apparently, there’s no convincing evidence to support it. The
list of data sources that the NHMRC chose to come to this conclusion makes interesting reading and to
someone who’s a little sceptical of the process used by the NHMRC, it might seem as if the data was
deliberately selected to reach a particular conclusion. The sceptic may have this view reinforced by the
fact that the panel of experts who assessed the data was notable by its lack of a homeopath. A few
years ago I wrote an article containing summaries of most of the research on homeopathy that had been
published up to that time. This article, completed in June 2014, is an update to this, covering most of the
research that’s been done in this area to date. It contains abstracts from 360 human, animal, plant and
in-vitro scientific studies that attest to the reality that there is an abundance of well constructed evidence
that confirms a positive effect from interventions using homeopathy. Much of this research was
apparently invisible or irrelevant to the committee conducting the most recent NHMRC review.